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Good job killing Imperial Vizier Zor'lok

Holytrap, Dec 5, 12 1:16 PM.

Good job getting Gara'jal and Spirit Kings down this week.

Holytrap, Nov 6, 12 1:03 AM.

Great job going 2/6 on our first real night in Mogu'shan.

Holytrap, Oct 19, 12 12:27 AM.
Feng the Accursed

Launch is at 12:00 AM PDT

Holytrap, Sep 23, 12 8:33 PM.

Mists of Pandaria is launching in less than 48 hours. I wanted to post this to give a few pointers to those who have never been around for the launch of an expansion pack when the entire server is flooding the new areas.

  1. If you plan on questing, I highly recommend that you look under Keybindings and bind the "Interract with target" option to something. There will be people standing all over your questgivers and this allows you to /tar the NPC and use the keybinding so that you can turn in your quests.
  2. Typically, while the starter zones are flooded with people it is much faster to level through running dungeons if you can get instant queues.
  3. Don't expect launch to be 100% smooth. It never has been, especially for our server. It should be clear and good to go within a couple of hours though.
  4. Don't be a nice guy while questing, people will do everything that they can to tag your mobs or loot stuff while you are fighting the mob that was protecting it. It is you versus the world out there, so be a dick and steal mobs/items on the ground when you can.
  5. If you know anyone on a low population realm you can group with them so it takes you to their realm. Basically CRZ will be turned off for Pandaren zones, but leveling with a RealID friend on another realm is possible and it will take you to the group leaders realm. This is assuming they don't hotfix it somehow to make it go to the more populated realm.

That is all I can think of right now but I will add more if anyone has anything else to add in the comments. Bubbilicous and I will likely be running dungeons mostly while we are online, unless questing is a more viable option. We will have 3 open DPS spots so we will fill those on a first come, first served basis. I highly recommend finding a tank to queue with if you want to do dungeons and are unable to run with us. Noblemaster will be leveling as a blood DK so you can run with him if he is doing dungeons as well. Healers should have decently low wait times as well.

We will be raiding Wednesday, October 10 so that is everyone's deadline to be level 90 and geared enough to raid. I would like to attempt to raid on the 3rd or 4th if at all possible, but I understand that it may not be possible for everyone.

Great job killing Heroic Madness before the launch of MoP

Holytrap, Sep 14, 12 4:34 PM.
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